Running 26.2 miles strikes me as more than a little insane, but I won’t judge those who think otherwise.  When it turns my should-be-five-minute jaunt across town to sit at a favorite coffeeshop into a one-hour ordeal, however, I get a little grouchy.  I should have opted for the two-blocks away coffee shop, but they serve breakfast there, too, which usually makes the atmosphere a little too bustling on weekend mornings.  So I sat in my car.  Instead of heading up Lincoln and over on Seventeenth, I took Lincoln to Speer to Cherokee to 14th Street to Bannock to Sixth to Josephine to Colfax to Vine to Seventeenth.  It was ridiculous.  And packed.  And cold.  People who run 26.2 miles in cold rain are even crazier.

The coffee was good, though.  And the book (I’m reading Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale) is excellent.  It’s really cold, though.  I can’t warm up, and it’s only mid-October.  Should be a fun fall/winter.

Last night: a housewarming party for a friend who just moved into the cutest place.  She had a great idea, which was to make a variety of mixed cds as party favors (this only works if you have good taste in music, which she certainly does).  Had to leave early to go to an improv show.  I have to say improv is not really my thing, but I laughed anyway, and it was fun.

Quote/Interaction of Yesterday:

Me: How much was your ticket to the Beer Fest?

E: $45.

Me: Wow.

E: I know.  But it’ll be worth it if I meet the man I’m going to marry.  Or find a really good beer.

Here’s hoping she found at least one of the above.



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3 responses to “26.2

  1. Enjoy the Handmaid’s Tale. I loved it, especially the scrabble scenes.

  2. I loved handmaids tale too. My other favorite of hers is Cat’s eye.

  3. oh yeah, i also got stuck in the marathon traffic trying to get brunch on Sunday.

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