Rockies v. Diamondbacks

This is my first sports post.  I can tell you’re excited…

I’m a sports non-fan.  I really don’t care either way if one team wins and another loses, and I can’t say I ever really have.  But there are times in one’s life when exciting things happen, and one becomes a fan by default.  Living in Denver, it is easier to be a Denver Broncos fan than it is to be, say, a Raiders fan.  I don’t exactly root for the Broncos, but I’m excited when they do well, for pretty much the sole reason of having grown up in Colorado.

Well, I mostly grew up in Colorado.  Actually, not even mostly…

The truth, folks, is that I’m not a native at all.  I was born in Arizona, and lived there half of my life.  I don’t remember a few of those years, and my life consisted, more or less, of school, the mall, and the ice rink (this is how it is when you’re a pre-teen — these are the hotspots).  I can say I’ve never rooted for the Arizona Cardinals (who has, seriously?), but I did have a little bit of pride when the Diamondbacks won the World Series in 2001.  Even though I didn’t live there, my relatives are fans, they were excited, and that was enough for me.

But now, as the Rockies face the Diamondbacks for the National League Title, I am faced with a decision.  It’s not a hard one.  I remember more of my Colorado period than I do of my Arizona period.  And, as states, I like Colorado better than Arizona.  Even though I couldn’t name a single player on either team if I were asked, I have to go for the Rockies.  I love how Patricia Calhoun put it in the Westword this week (these are excerpts):

Westword was going to challenge our partner paper, Phoenix New Times, to a bet on the outcome of the Rockies/Diamondback series — but we couldn’t think of anything we wanted from Phoenix.

[list of things that are less bad or more good in Colorado than in Arizona]…

Finally, we decided on this: Losing state gives up water rights, and ownership reverts back to Mexico.

Play ball.

Go Rockies!


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  1. Sam

    Yes! Congratulations, and welcome to your first Pennant race. Soon, you’ll experience your first World Series.

    Clearly, this is an exciting time in your life. I’ll leave you to ponder.

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