Dishwasher Lasagna

This is hilarious:

Dishwasher Lasagna (a site that sells appliance parts) shows us how we can use a dishwasher in lieu of an oven to make lasagna, should the need arise (via ApartmentTherapy’s Kitchen site)

Too bad I don’t have a dishwasher.

It’s a day of domesticity on the blog sites (why do I read blogs about domesticity? I’m not sure, and it doesn’t really show…). In real life, though, the truth was this: I woke up at 7, which means that a.) I forgot to set my alarm, and b.) I actually slept a full night! I haven’t done all of my laundry in a while (just a load here and there), and all of my non-iron pants are dirty, leaving only the must-irons, which also tend to be the must-wear-with-heels (need to get those tailored — I may never wear heels again). So then it became a day of unseasonable clothing — capris and flip-flops. To work. I know. But you know what? I was incredibly productive today…

Anyway, I said it was a day of domesticity, didn’t I? Here are two examples from ApartmentTherapy:


(Cute folding laundry basket from Moda Home)

Karla Roberts Beatrice

(iron prints from Venice, created by Karla Roberts)


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