How Do You Afford That Gluten-Free Lifestyle?

I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of money on food lately, and I’m not even eating out that much.  Things that could go include my 2-3 times weekly coffee and my little San Pellegrino habit (it’s becoming an outrage, this purchasing of bottled, imported water — makes me wonder if wine will be the next target).  But other than that, it’s just kind of depressing that it’s expensive to eat healthy foods.

…And yet it’s expensive not to eat healthy foods, but in a different way (health problems later on, etc.).

Someone gave me the wonderful idea today that I could have lactaid before eating dairy products, and I think there might be something similar on the market for gluten…  I think I’ll try this.  Right now, I have to weigh whether I want to skip the tasty food or be sick.  I think I’d probably be just as conscious  of what I was eating, but it would be nice to have, say, wedding cake without paying for it later.

Other notes: last night I had a dream that started as I was standing at the threshold of someone’s house — a childhood friend.  She had a dog — a wolf-like thing.  I was intimidated, but he sniffed my hand and I pet him a little and thought we could get along.  Next thing I knew, I was on the floor, pinned down by the dog with its jaws at my neck.  In the background was this audio recording that was some kind of lesson on human/dog etiquette, saying something like, “Just because a dog sniffs your hand without biting doesn’t mean he likes you.  The hand-sniff means something very different for dogs and humans.”

Totally weird.  I think it was about dating.  I love dreams — even the bad ones.


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