My hair is really long.  There’s not really any “cut” about it — I just needed the ends taken off, so I went to the academy for the fancy place, figuring paying a mere $20 + tip for an “advanced” student hairdresser would outweigh the fact that an “advanced” student hairdresser would be cutting my hair.

It was awful.  First and foremost, he was really bad at washing my hair — like he didn’t want to actually get his hands sudsy.  And then there was the cut, which was okay.  And then time to style…  At what point do you say, “No, really, just leave it alone — I have this handy little elastic band, and as soon as I walk out of here, I’m going to try to use it to hide the damage, go home, and start over!”  I never said it.  I let him struggle through trying to show me how a diffuser plus product would make my hair lovely (it won’t), and then talking to me about how getting my hair “relaxed” would help.  It might, but some days I like the curls.  He did cut the ends.  I suppose that’s good.



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7 responses to “Hair/Cut

  1. Lindsey P.

    Hehehehe…I love it. Last time I went to get my hair cut the lady had one reply to everything I said: “Rock on!” I think we’re doomed :-).

  2. Kavi

    Ah! Thank goodness this wasn’t the place I recommended!!!!!!!!!

  3. Kris

    Was this one of the Aveda places? I hear it’s hit or miss when going there. Also, Floyd’s isn’t that great either. That’s why I get a really good cut from my pro hairdresser about once a year, maybe twice if I’m feeling fancy. But maybe I’m just lucky that my hair holds a cut for so long (i.e. the ends flip out just right when I’m having at least a so-so hair day)?

  4. Kris

    Re Aveda: Oops, I didn’t see your post.

  5. That sounds terrible! I am lucky to have a great mom that is also a great hairdresser. I always wonder what will happen when she is too old to cut hair? Take it from the comments, spend a little extra to get a really good haircut, even if it is just the ends! That is what I tell all my friends who have haircut troubles!

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