When it Rains…

…It pours.

These are the albums coming out in the next two weeks that I’m interested in hearing, if not purchasing:

  • PJ Harvey – White Chalk
  • The Weakerthans – Reunion Tour
  • Jose Gonzalez – In Our Nature
  • Athlete –Beyond the Neighborhood

Too bad I’m spending money like crazy this month (on the car, the filling, and (sigh) other stuff)… I’ll get The Weakerthans at their show this week (anyone interested in coming?), and might hold off on the others.

The weather is perfect for this first day of fall — overcast, cool, a little windy, threatening rain. I love it.

In other news, I’m officially taking my dating life offline. I’ve just been feeling weird about having written about it last week…

I’ll leave you with some views from the hike I went on last weekend with my parents:

hike 1

(a little waterfall near the lake we hiked to and then around)

hike 2

(the lake — I think it was called Red Lake — in between Antonito, Colorado, and Chama, New Mexico)

Aspen Eye

(this is from the previous week’s hike — the aspen tree’s scars look like eyes… I thought a lot about how my own scars, emotional and otherwise, can make me see the world a little more clearly…)



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2 responses to “When it Rains…

  1. pretty pics. i’ll be at the weakerthans show most likely. good idea with the no blogging about dating thing. it’s pretty much my policy too.

  2. Happy Autumn, darling.

    I am applying loving and gooey emotional salve to your wounds! Big tree hugs, too.

    Har har!



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