I Want to Hang This…

… by a mirror:


(from Keep Calm Gallery, discovered via Poppytalk)

It’s one of those phrases, like “To thine own self be true,” that didn’t make any sense when I was younger.  For of course a beautiful person would know he or she was beautiful, and how can one lie to oneself?  It would be like trying to hide an object from yourself in a very small room…  completely impossible.  I know better now, however sadly, that being honest with yourself and believing in your own beauty are two very important, very difficult things.



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2 responses to “I Want to Hang This…

  1. Ditto Uncle Hannah!

    You know what saying still doesn’t make any sense to me though? “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” I understand what it means conceptually, but I just think the wording is bizarre. Maybe it’s just me…

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