Today it is important to understand that savings accounts aren’t just for fun things like vacations and down payments. Nope. They’re for fillings (one, not five, thanks to the second opinion!), and they’re for car maintenance. I was hoping to be in the black (counting the student loans and the retirement plan) in a few months… Something to do with my brakes that I could hear but frankly cannot understand is going to set me back a few more months. Sigh.

It’s also important to understand that at twenty-six, I’m doing just fine — car that’s reliable but not perfect, rent that’s cheap, good roommate, good job, healthy, happy. Even in the midst of these last two weeks which were hellish, one of my oldest friends said she thought I was the happiest and healthiest I’ve been as long as she’s known me (about 13 years), with the possible exception of 8th grade. At first I thought to myself, “do you even know how many tears I’ve held back today? Or how I sobbed uncontrollably yesterday?” (I had a really bad few days in there).  But really, even “happiest and healthiest” has its bad days, its sick days, and its moments of self- and world-loathing.  The difference is that it subsides.



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2 responses to “ALSO:

  1. I like the rawness of this–and I do think you’re a very wonderful, self-actualized, meaningful person and hopefully you will only become more so as the years go by–and I’m sure you will.

  2. So true! And that is one good, and very perceptive, friend you’ve got there.

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