First Day Survived

The first day of school was survived, though tomorrow is like the second first day (everyone teaches MW or TTh).  I only had a near breakdown once, when someone who thinks she’s really freaking important bitched me out about the system not working.  Funny, the reason it didn’t work is because she’s not actually part of the university, and we tricked the system into letting her have an account, etc., and there were issues this weekend when the programmer was trying to get a group of students online.  She is not technically in my “scope” — I’m there to help faculty, and she is not faculty, nor is she part of the art department, nor was she requesting images that would have been useful to my faculty.  But I helped her out.  And Sunday she had a meltdown, and first thing Monday, she was on the phone to me being a bitch, refusing further help, accusing me of changing her password (which I could not do if I wanted to).


Your time is not any more important than mine.

It’s so important, I think, to be nice to people.  You can be nice and still get what you want.  In fact, I think you’re more likely to get what you want in the future if you’re pleasant, or at least willing to see both sides.  Or at the very least willing to recognize the efforts of others to help you, even if things go wrong at some point.  Criticism is fine, but tone is important.  All of that said, it is too much to expect everyone to actually be nice, good people, so I need to lower my expectations, maybe.  And let more roll off my back, realizing I’m doing what I can, and it’s their problem, not mine.

The sound wasn’t working in one of the classrooms — because the speaker control thing was turned off, it turns out.  I need to be a better troubleshooter, but I get stage fright when I’m in a dark classroom in front of a bunch of loud students who are looking at me and waiting for something to happen.  I’ll get better at this.

I dropped the GIS class, and I’m glad.  I’m not sure if it’s really what I want to do — it sounds neat, but I’m not sure it’s my thing.  Not that I know what is my thing.  This quarter it will be more than enough just to work.   I’m feeling so burnt out, and I’ve only been there eight months.  This is not good.  It will get better.  I need to focus on the parts that I like — the cataloging, the flexibility, being around art, the learning, about 80% of the people.  The hump I need to get over involves: training the new students (who I think will be great), stabilizing the classroom technology, refining the workflow.  I need to push aside my ego, too.  And I need to set limits (and stick to them) about what I will and won’t do for people.  No more: out-of-scope images, too-huge-to-handle orders, rush orders.  It’s a good job.  It’s a great job.  I’m just tired.  I think I’m going to take Friday off.

Tonight instead of sitting in the GIS class, I went out on the town with Christopher: first we spent too much (I think) on dinner at Duo (even though it was good — a little salty, but otherwise tasty, especially their onion soup!), and then to The Thin Man, where attractive, educated men flock (and women too, I guess, but we focus on the men).  I’m not too keen on drinking much this week, but had some really good conversation, and fleshed out a rubric for dating, which I’ll publish here at some point.  I’ve been home for a couple hours, but couldn’t sleep because I was cold, got up, and still can’t sleep.  But the Tylenol PM will kick in soon, I hope…



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3 responses to “First Day Survived

  1. Sam

    You need to start naming names, my dear. No joke. That way, when the woman who bitched you out at work Googles herself (and you know she will… and you know that sounds dirty and makes you want to giggle), she’ll find her name in this humble – but wonderfully written – little blog, and be just a touch embarrassed.

    Shit, put her name in the tags, too. What’s she gonna do?

    Remember: Blog Justice.

  2. “You can be nice and still get what you want.”

    So true! I find that being unnecessarily mean to people is a total waste of energy. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who are too self-important to agree… all you can do, as you said, is to learn to let certain things roll off your back.

    Good luck in the new school year!

  3. I have been reading a lot on here and have picked up some great info. One thing I have found which works well for a good nights sleep, feeling more relaxed and focused is binaural beats. As strange as they may sound (excuse the pun) they are a very powerful method of relaxation.

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