Did Anything Go Right Today?

No, not really.



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3 responses to “Did Anything Go Right Today?

  1. Liar! Some other part of me says. Some things went right today. My morning Americano felt deserved and satisfying. A potential digital image disaster was not actually so — just problems on the test site (but not the actual site!). The boy from last night told Christopher I was “cute” and “very nice,” which is not amazing, but not bad (he was also cute and very nice, though he does like Kanye West… I’m trying not to judge). I remembered my great-grandfather’s Phi Beta Kappa key. I talked briefly to the best adjunct professor who ever existed. I troubleshot one thing correctly first thing this morning (before it all went downhill in free-fall manner). And tonight: a meaty e-mail from Barrett, to be followed by Rilo Kiley, who I like, even the new album.

  2. Kris

    Ah, and the good times had at Streets before the show. But really, we should stop meeting at really comfortable, cheap bars before shows because that’s when I usually miss the opening bands. I hate missing the opening bands, but I do love hanging out with my friends who all have a good rapport with one another (even if some have just met that night).

  3. Even when one friend complains about “those republicans down in Highlands Ranch,” and then finds out your other friend is, indeed, a republican down in Highlands Ranch? Yep, folks — that was me (the one complaining)! And you’re right — the day only got better after I posted. 🙂

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