Sometimes I do stupid things. Like drink too much and write a blog that may or may not have something to do with honesty. And post it. And decide that to remove a post entitled “honesty” would be somehow dishonest, so I leave it up. Ugh.

I guess there are worse things. Sometimes I drink too much. Typically I loathe myself the day after such episodes, and typically I’m too hard on myself for them. It’s not that big of a deal.

I did manage to do the hike today! It was definitely longer than the 10 miles I thought I was doing (I think I did 12 or 13 round trip), and I could have gone on for even longer (it joins with the Colorado Trail eventually). It was a little lonely on my own, but kind of nice, too. I passed two people on my way up, and there was a big group of people at the top, but other than that, I saw no one — surprising considering its proximity to the city. I’ll post pictures a little later. Now: showering…. and 7 sounds like a pretty good bedtime.


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