So the Friday frustration finally faded, but not until Saturday evening (aided by food and wine and soaking in a hot tub in the company of favorite new friends and favorite old friends). In the future, I think I’ll take pains to form no alliances at work, except those that relate to my job. I should have been honest about what had caused the whole thing in the first place (one coworker’s request that I keep an eye on another coworker). I’m staying out of their feud in the future — it has nothing to do with me.


I spent a few hours yesterday and today at work, catching up on things, getting ready for The Great Rearrangement, in which I’ll lose some space to a grad student work area, but I’ll be gaining an office.  I need wall decorations!  I have:  a lot of postcards, near and dear to my heart, collected over the years on travels (I tended to spend more on postcards than I did on food).  And I have two IKEA wall-cable things that hang a couple of inches off of the wall with little clips and hooks for hanging things (like or unlike postcards).  It’s a start.  Apart from that, I’m at a bit of a loss.  I definitely need lamps — the light in the soon-to-be-0ffice is depressingly yellow.

I didn’t spend my whole weekend at work, of course!  Erica and Lacey came with me on a little visit of my hometown in Southern Colorado.  I think they thought I was exaggerating how small it is.  They know now.  We had a good hike on Saturday, just at the end of my road.  We had good Mexican food (though not as good as I remember it) at Dos Rios, and one of the unexpected highlights was catching up with Shane and getting to know his girlfriend, Mira, a little better.  With wine.  In the hot tub.  In one respect, I was sad it was such a rushed trip, but it was nice to get back home with some of the weekend left (even if I did spend a fair amount of it working).

Oh!  When I wasn’t working, I managed to finish History of Love by Rachel Krauss, which was a really excellent book.  Kind of Holocaust survivor story meets South American magical realism meets contemporary thoughtful teen lit.  In the best way possible.  It’s beautiful and romantic and a little heart-wrenching and definitely honest.  It was filled with little jewels of clever and accurate description.  I recommend it.



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2 responses to “Laboring

  1. Lindsey P.

    I’m so homesick for the Valley–it sounds like you had a great time there. Dos Rios isn’t as good as it once was, I agree. My family has boycotted it. Congratulations on your new office, I hope I can see it someday!

    Wasn’t the History of Love beautiful. I loved it–glad you loved it, too!

  2. Kris

    It’s true, Dos Rios isn’t as good as it used to be. If I remember correctly, it was bought by the owners of Taqueria Calvillos (sp?) and the Rios no long run it. Best bet is Nino’s in Monte and Alamosa (I think they just opened in South Fark too!). Paul and I never miss the chance to eat there. Yum!

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