Shaking Pissed

Work was fine today.  Sad at points (I lost four awesome graduate assistants), happy at others (I had two good application/equipment training sessions with faculty, and the grad assistants liked their gifts).  And then it was downright  heart-attack-inducing uncomfortable.  I’m a shitty arguer.  I’ll spare you the details, but at one point I actually had to say, “Do not bring my age into this.”  Which was maybe my most honest and direct line of the argument (more great lines will come after the fact, as always, but that was it in the reality department (or “IRL”)).  I can’t (and yet can) believe I had to say it to a coworker.  I’m still shaking a little from the whole thing — I’m so not good with confrontation, but this one needed to happen.  And I won’t be good at it without practice, I suppose (not that I’m planning to seek out practice, but it’s good for me to confront issues before they blow up unmanageably).

This weekend — off to the Valley for some R&R.  Or, well, a hike and some hot springs.   At least until Sunday.


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