Change to Spare

This is almost like a weird kind of breakup… Jenny moved out this weekend, heading down to the Valley to spend a week with my parents before she leaves for graduate school in Philadelphia… I don’t think I even know how much I’m going to miss her. It’s just been the most comfortable living situation I ever could have hoped for, and it’s been a great year…

And it’s over.

On to new things: my new roommate, Claire, moved in yesterday. She’s starting a PhD here, and is a really nice girl. We have a lot in common — moderate Diet Coke addictions, love of packaged Indian food. In fact, I don’t know a single other person who eats packaged Indian food… I can’t tell if she’s appalled by the amount of stuff I have (books, mostly), but she seems to be okay with it so far. And she brought goodies from IKEA. It will be different than living with Jenny, but I think it will be good.

It’s just the first of lots of changes I’ll encounter in the next couple of weeks… I’m losing four of my five fabulous graduate assistants, and gaining only two. The hours of assistance will go from about 48 last year and 100 this summer to about 35. I’ll be moving my work space into a different (somewhat claustrophobic) part of my office, and I’ll start sharing the visual media center space with a graduate student work space… I can’t say I’m necessarily happy about it, but I do have more space than I need, and it will be fine. Or it won’t.

Sorry — this is kind of a glum post.


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