Creative Graffiti

I’m a big fan of well-placed, creative, artistic street art.  Like this fine specimen I found in Tallinn, Estonia:

Street Stickers

I saw this post on Poppytalk’s Etsy Pick of the Day a couple of days ago — the particular piece featured there is sold out, but there’s lots of other good stuff at the Cabaret Voltaire Etsy store, like this:

 Cabaret Voltaire Photo

(only $15.00 for this 8.5 x 11 print!)


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One response to “Creative Graffiti

  1. Kris

    Did we ever show you the piece that was close to our place on Washington? On the stoplight box on the bottom there was a space invader (from the Atari game) made out of mosaic tile. For some reason I’m thinking it’s been removed but it could still be there. 17th and Washington across from Avenue Grill.

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