Blue & White

In the past two days I’ve seen two blue bandanas (not unlike, but not exactly like the one I’ve begun wearing to prevent scalp sunburn while hiking) abandoned in strange places — one on a street corner downtown, and another in the university library on the third floor near the N section (art).

This evening brought more blue patterns:

 New Dishes

Needless to say I had some fun at Anthropologie, many thanks to Christopher and Jenny for the gift certificate I’ve been sitting on for a while now.



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4 responses to “Blue & White

  1. Your post sparked a memory from my childhood. I suddenly remembered this I Can Read book called “A Bargain for Frances.” Frances is saving money for a blue and white china tea set and, after a few character-building trials, finally gets it. Something about your lovely pictures brought that book into the forefront of my mind. I’m quite envious of your collection.

  2. I’ve definitely read that! As soon as I read your comment, I thought “Frances is a badger,” and sure enough, she is. Maybe this whole consumeristic idea was implanted in my head two decades ago thanks to an I Can Read book. Thanks for the comment. I assure you this recent purchase involved no character-building trials whatsoever.

  3. It was either the fundamentals of consumerism from Frances or the heavy-handed morality tales of the Bernstein Bears.

  4. I am squealing over the two bird motif patterns on the right. And also wanting to go look at all my children books b/c I totally read the Frances books and all the Bernstein Bears.

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