Mt. Evans Recap

Thanks to Tim, who is a most excellent photographer, I can now post a few more nice pictures of the Chicago Lakes / Mount Evans hike I took two weeks ago:

Who Knew

(taken from near the bottom)


(We ate here and saw some kind of freshwater crustacean and water bugs (the first water bugs I’d ever seen).  After lunch we decided to see what was at the top of that ridge — it was Summit Lake and a parking lot.)

String of Pearls

(The Chicago Lakes, with a reservoir in the distance)

There are several more pictures at Tim’s website (and if you like his photographs and adventures — there are many — check out the rest of his site).



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2 responses to “Mt. Evans Recap

  1. melissa

    I can’t believe how intense your hiking adventures have become! You are hereby officially declared an outdoorsperson.

    This looks steep…and exhausting…and most of all, beautiful.

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