Every New Beginning

Yesterday was a Very Big Day for a few people, and I was a proud bystander.  Three of my most favorite people from the Library and Information Science program graduated, and Lacey had a barbecue to celebrate (which, thanks to her fabulous dad, involved Kobe burgers).  It was a much needed but much-too-brief break in my day.  I’m excited for them all, and I’ve been really thankful for their friendship.  Congratulations, new librarians!

The other Big Day sort of thing that happened was that my brother moved into the dorms at Colorado School of Mines for his freshman year.  His dorm is totally not dorm-like, and actually more apartment-like, complete with a dishwasher and vacuum cleaner.  He’ll have three roommates — one (crazy, fun guy) from home and two others (who even I thought were kind of dorky).  Classes start Tuesday.  He’s going to have a good time.  I hope he studies, too.  We hung out last night with the whole family — for the next week or so, all three of us (my siblings and I) will be in the same general area — and then Jenny’s leaving for Philadelphia.  My parents are empty-nesters now, which is kind of weird.  I hope they’re excited about it.


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  1. Hey Darling.

    Oh me! YES, we had a similar sibling-going-to-college experience. Claire (do you remember her?) my second-youngest-sister, is going to Colorado College, and my parents recently dropped her off there for orientation week. I think it was rather hard on them. They haven’t gone through that separation anxiety since Shane left for Harvard. Ouch. That was particularly hard on my mom because he was across the country (and probably because he was the only boy). Now he’s staying with Mira on the ranch for a bit (although I guess you knew that). Anyway.

    So, I wish your brother the best of luck at Mines. That’s not too far from where I am, I guess. Less than an hour.

    Empty nest must be odd. I can see how it’d be a kind of double-edged sword. Even if you have multiple kids. As my mom said in her recent e-mail to me…it never gets easier, no matter how many times you go through it. I guess we all go through stages of separation from family. I tried to reassure my mom that we never TRULY leave her, we just no longer live under the same roof.

    So…4 down for my folks. 1 to go.

    HUGS and thank you for commenting on my LiveJournal. Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately. So lethargic am I.


    Uncle Hannah

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