A Few Unrelated Things

Connecting with people is really good…  Do you ever have those conversations with someone you’ve sort of known for a long time, and you realize you have much more in common than you knew?  It feels nice.  And it’s always a plus when the conversation is over your first fish and chips meal in a long time.

As a result of the battered and fried fish, however, I’m feeling quite bloated.  I had to make an exception to the no-wheat rule, and I’m glad I did, but I don’t know that I’ll do it again soon.

On another note, Technology (capital T) was frustrating today.  It makes me feel stupid, often in front of other people.  When touchpad control panels make you want to cry at 7:15 a.m., is there a problem?  I left work wondering what I did today…  I tried to demonstrate the typical malfunction of the setup in one classroom, and it worked perfectly (without malfunction) again and again and again.  I was able to switch to a remote control instead of touchpad control in the other classroom.  And then the volume didn’t work, so I called someone in to figure that out, and he pressed one button I hadn’t considered before, and it worked.  I cataloged prehistoric art.  I figured out what kind of key pad to put on the office door.  I feel better listing it all.  Things are going to be changing soon — I’ll have to move my office into a different section of the visual media center, and I’m going to lose some really great help (because they had to go and graduate!).  I’m nervous about it.  Versatile as I would like to be, sometimes I don’t handle change very well.

Why are there always policemen at the Whole Foods on University and 1st?  That’s probably one of the most affluent retail spaces in the state, and there’s always a cop hanging out by the registers.  Once I thought I saw one giving people a ticket for parking in the handicapped spaces, but it turned out he was just talking to them about their rare breed of dog.  Maybe there are frequent attempted olive oil thefts?  It is really expensive…


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