Things I Know and Hate Nonetheless

Even the dreaded part of my job is still part of my job.  I hate that.  But I know it.

And even the wine with a kite on the bottle won’t make me worry free.  I hate that, and know it, too.

I had a little coupon for emusic, and used it tonight.  I also cleaned the bathroom (mostly) and filed a bunch of papers.  I wonder if it’s necessary to keep paper statements from everyone in this day and age, but I do out of habit.  In the process of filing, I decided I really liked the patterns inside security envelopes.  This was not wholly original, but inspired by a blog, but I can’t remember which one anymore.  I hate not being able to cite a source, even though some other websites don’t seem to mind.  Okay — I even went to the trouble of figuring out where I saw it:  ~O~ posted it, in regard to these envelopes by remake, who, it appears, is sold out of the envelopes ~O~ mentioned.  Still: wasn’t that easy?  Should you ever need to search for something you found on a blog somewhere, I suggest using Tehcnorati as your search engine.  Even if you are “the media.”  Source-citing is really important.

I think it’s going to be a week for overtime.  Overtime is funny when you’re salaried.  If I work 50 hours this week, I still won’t feel right working 30 next week (and actually, if I worked 50 hours, I could technically work only 25 next week, thanks to the beautiful 37.5 hour work week I call my own).  Realistically, though, that will never happen…  But the 50 hours this week almost certainly will.  And 50 hours for the next few weeks leading up to the first day of the second week of school.



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3 responses to “Things I Know and Hate Nonetheless

  1. Kris

    Where’d you get an emusic coupon? Maybe I’m not eligible because I have an account? I must know! And if you know of any other music coupons (actual cds or downloads) that would be great!

  2. I actually had two — one from the DU bookstore (they were promoting some movie called Fracture that I’ll probably never see) and one from a Ticketmaster order… I don’t think I could use both, so I opted for the larger (Ticketmaster — 50 downloads)… and I can’t figure out how to use the Fracture coupon (35) now that I have the account… the addresses are (or /fracture for the other).

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