I think I’m going to take a GIS class this fall — my friend Kavi is really interested in it, and makes it sound like this all-powerful tool we can all tap into to make the world better. I want to learn more.



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3 responses to “PS

  1. bomboado

    Is that Int’l Studies? That sounds totally awesome. I’m sitting here at my office desk, envious. Bitches.

  2. bomboado

    Wait – I didn’t mean you and Kavi. I was trying to be funny and tie in to your other post. Dang.

  3. yeah, right. Now I know how you really feel. 🙂

    It’s actually in University College, and there’s another program in the Geography department… GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is more technical than GSIS (Graduate School of International Studies), I think. Stupid acronyms.

    I like the picture.

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