“We” = Jenny & Me

This Westword article on the Parade of Homes is funny…  and apparently fitting, according to my sister (who has been to “industry night.” I could not go with her because only people an employee has been dating for six months or more are allowed — hanging out with her since 1983 and living with her apparently doesn’t count).  As much as I will miss her (a lot), I’m glad she’s going on to study how not to build this sort of thing.

Bishop Allen was really, really good tonight.  We actually thought that Page France was Plants (we thought they were cute, but that was when we thought they were local — it would be nice to see them again while paying more attention to who they were…).  And then, of course, we thought for a few songs that Bishop Allen was Page France.  We liked them a lot — good sounds, good music.  We figured out why the one gorgeous and fabulously dressed girl was there (of course she was part of the band).  We wanted to tell them they could acclimate to high altitude at our place, but we didn’t.  I now own the new Bishop Allen cd (hooray!), and I like it.

Apparently there is a shortage of sweet potato fries (SPF) in the Denver area.   Last night it cooled down, thanks to some nice stormy weather, and Jenny wanted to cook the sweet potato fries that have been sitting in our freezer since before it got hot.  She opened the bag, and they looked pretty bad — no longer orange, covered in frost.  So we thought we’d go to the store to get more, rather than be disappointed by the old ones.

Of course the store was out.  So I bought a ridiculous (and fabulous) two pounds of blueberries, some Apollinaris (which is not as good as San Pellegrino, but was on sale), and a couple other things, and we went home.

Tonight we figured we’d get our SPF fix by going over to Sputnik before the show and ordering their SPF.  But guess what — they were out, too!  So we got some hummus, which was good, but not as good as it used to be in the old days (three weeks ago) with jicama and cucumbers and tomato — tonight we only had carrots and bell peppers and chips.  I was a little sad, and then I realized that I had made one — potentially two — dates for Sputnik later in the week, and I’m hoping to get my SPF fix then.


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  1. Jenny

    Leslie! Dallas is teeming with SPF. We could go on an SPF tour of the city during your next visit… 🙂

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