So… I couldn’t get motivated tonight to see Great Northern (or The Great Great Northern as my sister and I will refer to them). I’m saving all of my energy up for Bishop Allen tomorrow night. If they might make Melissa’s Best of 2007 mix, I must check them out.

I’m not happy with my categories. A librarian, one would think, should do better than this. But I have a ridiculous number of posts now, and I don’t want to go back and recategorize all of them at this point into things like

  • motivation
  • motivation, lack of
  • insects
  • domestic failures
  • domestic successes
  • heavily censored
  • things I like
  • things I don’t like
  • people I like
  • hiking
  • art
  • music
  • movies
  • …And so on.

As it stands, about half of my posts are in the “life” category, which is totally lame. OR maybe I could use Dewey to categorize my blog posts? I totally loved when Tori Amos did this with her Tales of a Librarian album. She classifies all of her songs, and it’s fabulous. For me, though, that would be a little cliche, and a little too fanatical (regarding Tori, of whom I am a fan, and of Melvil Dewey, of whom I am not, despite any “Heresy!” claims I’ve made toward naysayers in the past). And it would take way too freaking long, and I’d be showing off how crappy I am at coming up with those classification numbers (I only got through cataloging because of Beth). I much prefer Library of Congress classification, anyway.

I’ll ponder that as I drift to sleep tonight. I’m still tired from the weekend, and apparently I have muscles on the sides of my rib cage that hurt from using my arms to climb a mountain.  It feels awesome.

Tomorrow I really want to go to a yoga class — I did a basics sequence last November, and then got busy and didn’t go back, despite pre-paying for about 6 classes. I want them to let me into the basics course again.  Level 1 was a bit much for me.

Also: I realized the other night that I’m not really in the middle of any books. I kind of started Only Revolutions, but it’s a complicated read, and I don’t know if it’s a good book to pick up for 30 minutes and put down again and again. I kind of got stalled on that one. It’s time to move on. (It’s not you, Mark Z. Danielewski, it’s me. I like your idea, but the timing is all wrong. I did notice you had a website for your book, though — very nice. And a discussion forum where people can try to come together to figure you out.  It’s all so modern, so new, and yet slightly dated (who uses forums? why not a wiki?) I hope you’re not googling this. But then if I really hoped that, I guess I wouldn’t post it, would I?).  Anyway. Moving on to… perhaps another stab at Simone de Beauvoir’s The Prime of Life. I like the part where she teaches near Marseilles and climbs mountains alone.


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  1. I am thinking I will have the same sort of problem once I have a lot of posts. I always try to be creative with my category names but they always end up sounding not cool! Good luck!

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