New Dishes

My dishes are a hodge-podge collection of whatever has been given to me or left behind.  They don’t really match, there’s no real theme, and I kind of like it that way.  But sometimes I feel like the adult thing to do would be to have something a little more cohesive.  I think I found a good balance.

The new plan is to buy blue and white dishes from everywhere — department stores, boutiques, thrift stores, etc. — and have a matching but mis-matching collection.  I used a gift certificate to Z. Gallery to start it off (actually, the one in the middle was a hand-me-down from Barrett* that she can request to have back if she ever wants it):


I have my eye on these from Anthropologie, and maybe at least the blue one of this set, too.

*More to come on the Lovely Barrett this week — In addition to having great taste in dishes, she is one of the best writers and thinkers and people I know and has begun a blog of her own.  This is one you really shouldn’t miss.  Because I said so.



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5 responses to “New Dishes

  1. Sam

    Great idea on the dishes. My set is incredibly lame; three from my mom, and four more, of a different pattern, also from my mom. Swear to god, there hasn’t been one girl over to my house for dinner that hasn’t commented on my “flowery” dishes. It’s okay; I’ll just shoot myself.

    Thanks for posting Barrett’s blog. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is, exactly, about her writing, but I find it very very familiar. Weird.

    Bed now. Love your blog, as always Les.

  2. Maura

    I’ve been using that same logic of “the adult thing to do” to justify wanting new furniture when I move into a new place. Not meaning a matching set, but something that works together instead of just works.

    Very cool dishes.

  3. bomboado

    I couldn’t possibly take back that dish! It’s too pretty with your new not-so set. Excellent idea. And thank you for linking to me – you really are good for the little writer in my head. I love reading what you are doing. Happy almost Friday!

  4. You should also try Etsy, because you can search by color!!! I love Etsy! It is great! We have to go thrifting sometime. Make it a priority…

  5. Kris

    Love the idea on the dishes. I do think the Landmark set is really cute, but $12 for one dessert dish?! Let’s go shopping in the thrift and antique stores here. I know quite a few from when Paul and I were finishing the Harkerware set his mom had given us (the robin’s egg blue with gray specks and undersides).

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