A+++ Weekend

Wow.  There have been entire months in which I have done less than I did this weekend…  Friday night I saw the Carved in Stone concert at Red Rocks — the most beautiful venue I’ve ever seen.  Unfortunately we missed all but the last half of the last song of Jesse Sykes & the Sweet Hereafter (who I really wanted to see).  Then the Old 97’s had to start out without their lead singer (something to do with planes?), but he made it for the last couple of songs, which were good.  I liked the way he danced.  Then there was Devotchka — they were the definite stars of the show (in my opinion), multitalented, and very good on the ears.  Lucinda was good, but got a little jam-bandy and seemed a little out of it when she wasn’t singing.  And Ryan.  Oh, Ryan, why do you have to go and get jammy, too?  He sounded undeniably good, but each song was taking eons to get through, and I had early plans the next morning, so we left a little early to beat the crowds.  I kind of feel bad, but then figure I spent a good five hours there, and that’s okay.

Chicago Lake

Saturday I took Tim on a hike (which was a bit weird, because he’s much more the hiker).  It was awesome.  We reached the lakes (Chicago Lakes — there are two), and kept going.  At the top of the ridge above the upper lake was another lake… AND Summit Lake, which is right below Mount Evans.  We thought that maybe we could just keep going up to the top and get a ride down (because going down sucks).  It was tough, but we did it.  And hitchhiked down with a family who had just moved to Colorado and weren’t prepared for freaking cold rain and poor visibility at the top.  The 10-year-old son said, “This was so not worth ten dollars!” (the price cars have to pay to drive up the mountain).  We thought it would have been, but since we hiked up the back side, we didn’t really have to pay.  On the way down (and I suspect on the way up), the two kids hung out in the back seat, glued to a DVD of High School Musical.

Today we went to the Denver Art Museum and spent several hours.  I noticed new things about favorite pieces, and new things about pieces I’d just passed by for years and years.  Most notably, I think, was noticing the salt and other interesting details in the Miroslaw Balka work…  I can’t remember the title of the installation, but it’s always so moving.  I missed the photography — didn’t see even a little bit of it on display!  The new textiles are really interesting, though.  I want to go there more often, I think — I like being around art.

More: I think I’m going to go see Great Northern (Monday) and Bishop Allen (Tuesday) this week…  Interested?



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2 responses to “A+++ Weekend

  1. melissa

    Sounds like a fun weekend! The highlight of mine was definitely Bishop Allen, whom I would highly recommend seeing (if you’re not too worn out from your weekend). I’m pretty confident their new album will end up on my best of ’07 list. Plus! The movie Mutual Appreciation, in which their adorable lead singer stars, is one of my favorites of the last five years.

  2. Thanks (as always) for the recommendation! I definitely won’t miss Bishop Allen, and I’ll check out Mutual Appreciation soon, too.

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