Different Views on Preparation

Tonight I went to this “How to Climb a Fourteener” thing at REI with Erica, Lacey, and Paul — it’s mostly common sense stuff, but comforting to sit in a lecture-setting and have experienced people confirm your common sense.  Two men led the session, and the first was probably almost 80 years old.  He volunteers every weekend at the trailheads of various fourteeners and answers questions.  He says he has to pack a lot of stuff so he can be prepared for everyone else.  “I even carry tampons!” he said.  Or so I thought he said.  Later on I realized he carried crampons, which are something totally different (I had to look them up), less feminine, and less absorbent.  I still wondered if he carries tampons, though…  Funny how that potential necessity is not mentioned in the “necessities” list.

The Fourteener Date is set for next weekend, and we’re going to hike Mt. Bierstadt!  In semi-related news, I’m working on an image order for a course on the American West, and am going to be cataloging some Albert Bierstadt images in the very near future.

This weekend: Chicago Lakes, I think.


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