Goodbye, July

Another July passes — I’m half-sad to see it go, and with it long days (though hot) and summer sentiments. I lucked into a Patty Griffin show tonight — she was fabulous as always. The song that moves me most these days is “Trapeze,” which talks about a girl who makes a deal to never feel heartbreak again — for some reason that makes me cry every time. Like feeling heartbreak is a necessity of being human, and to escape it is sadder than enduring it.

I wanted to wait for Patty after the concert to thank her personally for her music. It’s really incredible. I didn’t. Maybe next time.

Work ended on a somewhat high note today — I had a meeting with the folks at the library, and I might join their collections team, which excites me in a sincere but dorky way… Not much else — I feel like I’m filled with thoughts for the blog every day, but they fleet, they fleet.


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