So… My camera decided not to work on the hike I took with Kavi this morning, so I don’t have more pictures to post. I think it’s just the battery. I hope it’s just the battery. The hike was a shorter one (supposedly 5 miles, but it sure didn’t feel like that long), but it was nice to get out. It’s been a lot cooler this weekend, and I’m glad for that…

What else… The two day meeting went well, I think — it was to plan a conference that will be held here in 2008. I still feel a little out of place working with the veterans of the organization, but they’re really nice and it’s good. I hope I’m not taking on too much… I suggested YouTube video bios of the vendors (they were talking about ways to get the vendors to introduce themselves to organization members), and so I’m in charge of that now. I should probably practice my YouTube skills before I invite others to do the same. Conferences are expensive! I think it’s pretty outrageous how much they charge for things like coffee and internet access (which so rarely works anyway).

Oh! And the session I was invited to participate in was accepted, which means I’ll be presenting as well as planning…

Not much else here, but I’ll leave you with a few finds:

  • Science & Sons’ Park Planters via Apartment Therapy — sweet from afar, dirty up close (in at least one case). I like the little people, though.
  • New take on stained glass: Gerhard Richter‘s design for a window at Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral — one of my favorites) was featured in Wired Magazine — since when is Wired interested in stained glass? You’ll have to click that link to find out… (via Apartment Therapy). I wonder what that says about the state of religious imagery, or dissemination of religious information…
  • Finally, I found this little L.A. shop called Tortoise (also via Apartment Therapy — I swear it’s hardly the only blog I read, but it does have some great stuff!!). If you do nothing else on their site, read the About Us section, and you will probably fall in love and want to visit them. Here’s a little preview: “The longevity of human life is getting longer year after year, led by the advanced nations. But on the other hand, the life of man-made products is getting shorter as if it’s in the inverse proportion. What do we do with this irony?”



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