Attempted Redemption of a Bad Day

I had a crappy day in which things such as these happened:

  • My sister’s flight home last night was delayed: 11:25, 11:55, 12:30, 1:40, and so on… It finally took off, and I was supposed to pick her up at 1:55, but then she called less than an hour later to say that the flight had to land in Portland again, and they were waiting for a new plane. So my day started at about 4, when she finally got in and I made the trip out to the airport…
  • I considered just going into work at about 5:30, but thought I might be a little more coherent with a couple more hours of sleep, so I slept from 5:30 to 7:30, and was late… And looking pretty rough.
  • I left my phone at home.
  • My sister sent a message asking if I wanted to go out to lunch with our mom and brother — I thought they were staying later (and actually canceled plans with one of my favorite people based on that thought), but apparently they wanted to head home by 2:00.
  • I gave a classroom training, which was more a training of the trainer (me) than anything else. I hate the classroom equipment! It (along with professors requesting images already on the system) is the bane of my existence!
  • My stomach started to hurt. And then Microsoft Office applications refused to do anything other than wink at me from the dock on my new Mac and disappear — I needed into my spreadsheet! My stomach hurt more with every troubleshooting trick I tried, until finally I called the day a lost cause (well, actually I just said “fuck it”) and came home, somewhat tearfully.

But wait! The title of this post mentions redemption, right? Well, I checked Google Reader and discovered The Thing Quarterly, a new subscription “thing” in which subscribers receive a new “household object” every month. This sort of thing has intrigued and disappointed me in the recent past (I tried out The Sampler in June on a friend’s recommendation — while there were a few cool things in the package, all in all it was so not worth the $20+ I spent on it). So I was skeptical, until I saw that the first featured artist is Miranda July. The other three artists slated for the year looked intriguing, too, and the objects are supposed to incorporate text — I have an affinity for text-incorporating art. I did a quick calculation, and decided that it was worth risking $30 per object for something I may or may not use or like. A Miranda July piece alone has potential to be worth the $120 cost of the subscription, especially since I like her so much. And anyway, I canceled my dentist’s appointment for tomorrow, so I’ll have a little extra cash this month (I promise to reschedule next month, though, after a second opinion).

Also: the tech guru got back to me already with a potential solution to the potential Microsoft Office program, so with a bit of luck, I’ll be looking at my spreadsheet (which functions as a major extension of my brain these days) in the morning.

My stomach still hurts, but I’ll be okay.


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