Hard Candy Melting

Nothing much to write about, really…  I thought I had another dentist’s appointment (do you say “dentist” or “dentist’s” appointment?  I’m going for the “‘s” because I would say “doctor’s,” which might also be wrong, but sounds right), but in fact I was mixed up and don’t have to go until next week.  I don’t know if that’s good or bad — nice that I didn’t have to go today, but I still have to go.  I’m glad I figured it out before I made the trip into the suburbs.

And tonight I drove up to Greeley to hang out with Lindsey, who just moved up there for her residency.  I got to see her new house and meet her new kitten (who is soooooo very cute!).  As I was leaving, the sunset was really amazing — that candy red, dripping sun that melts into the mountains.  The colors were incredible overall — really, I mean “incredible” as in “not credible” — if I were tasked with “correcting” the sky colors last night, I would guess that it was over-saturated.  I think it’s awesome that there are naturally occurring colors that we would never believe in print.  It does make my job harder, though.

I’ll be out of town for a long weekend — visiting Jackson, Wyoming with Lacey and Beth.


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