Famous! (sort of)

The first indication that something was different was the higher-than-usual number of hits on my blog today.  This usually means that one person is paging through. I never know who, of course, and it drives me a little crazy. I think it’s when new people find the blog and go through lots and lots of posts…

The second indication, though, was the unusual search strings people had used to find me:

dewey heresy

dewey decimal heresy

“Dewey Decimal” AND heresy (constructed like a well-trained librarian would!)

I shrugged it off, figured it was one person running similar but different searches and clicking again and again on my post from a few weeks ago about the library in Arizona that’s doing away with the Dewey Decimal System.

And then I browsed through the New York Times online and found this article. And then I found myself — not exactly quoted, and not attributed at all — in the 8th paragraph:

But the attraction is hardly universal. On Web sites where librarians frequently post, the abandonment of Dewey has not been welcome. One blogger titled her entry “Heresy!” Another called the Perry Branch’s approach “idiotic.”




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4 responses to “Famous! (sort of)

  1. This is so very cool. Almost makes me wanna squeeze into my bad ass red jeans.


  2. Wow, you might have to buy a copy of that NY Times. You better put it on your resume. I want to claim that I was Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” on my resume because of that issue that said the person of the year was “You” with a mirror. Is that a lie to claim it on a resume?
    Congrats on the article.

  3. How cool!

    Although also very typical of the NYT to not bother attributing bloggers… they’re hopelessly behind in their understanding of (and respect for) the medium.

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