Are Men’s Razors Sharper?

My sister and I were discussing this.  She swears by her men’s razor, and I’m pretty much apathetic (though I’ve had bad experiences with recyclable razors from Sunflower Market).  So I Googled it (“are men’s razors sharper,” in quotes), and got nothing.  I adjusted the search and found this R.Bird site on women’s razors and how they’re marketed.  It’s really interesting, and makes me think twice about why I buy the razors I buy (Bic Soleil, and probably because of their warm color scheme — silly, but true).  Anyway, it’s a pretty interesting site, especially for someone with zero marketing experience.  It doesn’t answer the question of whether men’s or women’s razors are sharper, though…


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  1. jennyt

    Just try one! I have new blades in the medicine cabinet, just waiting for you to discover them. Beware though…they’re expensive…but so much better!

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