Request for Sweetness

Today was chaotic, with a couple of unrestful meetings, helpful (but not comforting) feedback from employees, and general nervousness about the switch between software 1.0 and software 2.0 (which will happen Friday if all goes well). I came home feeling defeated, wondering what I’ve gotten myself into with this job, etc., etc., etc. Tonight, spent hanging out with my sister, was better. And then this blog post improved it, too. I stumbled upon this blog somehow, and I’ve been reading it for a couple of weeks. It is a good reminder that everyone has their periods of funk (not the good kind). And I like her idea of requesting some niceness from her readers — just niceness in general. It kind of explains why I watch Amelie over and over again in my funks — it’s just a movie about sweet things. Anyway… I hate to be a copycat, but I’ll just call myself “influenced” —  what’s your Amelie?  Leave me your nice, sweet, good, happy notes, not about me, but just in general:


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One response to “Request for Sweetness

  1. So I’m going to share some sweetness with you by commenting on my own blog: Paris, Je T’aime was positively lovely. It almost ranks with Amelie. Almost.

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