Herman Lake

Yesterday Erica, Jenny, and I ventured a little farther west to hike a higher trail.  Herman Gulch starts and ends with some super-steep, challenging terrain, but the gradual rise in the middle is a bit relieving.  And there is an alpine lake to look forward to at the end.  It was nice to get out of the “low” elevation heat for a few hours.  Really nice.

Herman Lake is at about 11,900 feet, and it was crowded — a summer Saturday at the beach, Colorado style.  The large mountain behind the lake is about 13,500 feet.  It’s hard to imagine what 14,000 feet would look like.  We hung out at the top for a little while, and then started back down.  I’m always surprised at how unfamiliar the trail looks when you’re retracing steps.

Herman Lake

(Herman Lake)

Herman Gulch

(heading down…  Thanks, Erica, for the pictures!)

After that, we headed back into the city and to our beds for a little while, exhausted.  I was glad we were all able to rejuvenate enough for a night of fun at Sputnik!  I had the best birthday party since approximately 1987.  This one featured the photobooth, while the 1987 birthday party featured  Baskin-Robbins clown cones.  There was plenty more alcohol at this birthday party, too.  And it’s probably better documented — pictures to be posted soon.  Thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate!


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