Missing the Boat

My faith in network television was momentarily restored, until I did some research to figure out why Creature Comforts did not air on CBS this week. It sounds like they’re going to yank it. I haven’t even seen it yet, having heard about it only last week! I’m half annoyed (that here was a show I was actually interested in watching, and it’s only on for three episodes — June is a lousy month to premier a series, people!), and half relieved (that I can continue my habit of never watching tv without feeling like I might be missing something).

Creature Comforts is created by the same people who do Wallace and Gromit claymations. It’s done well in the UK, which is where I first saw it. Basically, people with fabulous accents from all over the country are interviewed, and clips from the interview are animated. The result is a bunch of animal characters who are quintessentially American (or British, depending on the version you watch). Here’s a clip of the American version:

And here’s a clip from the British version:

If you like it, you should tell CBS.


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  1. Kris

    Nooo! I love this show! I’ve cut back considerably on the amount of tv I watch but gave this series a pass. At least Paul has some episodes recorded on his dvr for posterity (right word?). Anyway, come over and we’ll have a CC party. Maybe we can figure out what animal we’d each be?

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