Re-Views & Reviews

I had a great surprise today! I was getting ready to get something for lunch, and in walks my friend Tim! He’s been in Australia for a year, and I knew he was coming back this month, but I thought it would be in a couple of weeks. But no — he shows up in my office, as though he hasn’t just flown halfway around the world. He wasn’t hungry, so I devoured some tuna rolls in front of him and we talked about traveling, Australia, working, life, etc. My favorite thing about good friends is that you can not see each other for a long time, but always pick up right where you left off… Anyway, it was fantastic.

Now the reviews… I saw a movie you should see:


But only if you promise to take it with a grain of salt. Is our healthcare industry cold-blooded and awful? Yes. But is Michael Moore a bit one-sided in his presentation? Of course. Still, it makes me want to move somewhere else.

And here’s one that you might skip:


…Unless you really like New Zealand accents. It did have this really cute sleeping bag scene — not exactly what you’re thinking, more than likely. It’s been marketed as a foreign Napoleon Dynamite film, and it definitely has some what’s-your-favorite-animal, nunchuck aspects, but it’s not the same. Part endearing, mostly annoying.

A book you should read:


This was a really interesting book — I mentioned it before, but I really like the idea: Masters starts at the end of the story of Stuart Shorter, a drug-addicted, former homeless man who is considered a “success story” of the British social system. You know right away that Stuart dies, and then you move backwards through his life, trying to piece together how and why he ended up like this. It’s a really interesting way of looking at a life, and also an eye-opening study of a part of society that is all around us but hardly noticed.

This weekend: hiking and photobooth fun on Saturday, followed by my friend Lacey’s craft day on Sunday. And some laundry at some point — summer reduces my wardrobe considerably (can’t wear long sleeves), and really freaking hot weather makes the re-wear trick tougher to get by with.


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