These American Lives

You can now purchase episodes of This American Life (The TV show) on iTunes for $1.99 a pop, or the whole season for a mere $10.99. This excites me. Even “us,” which includes my sister. Here is sample dialogue from a chat today:

Jennifer: Oh My God! I just got an email from iTunes, and This American Life – The TV show is available on iTunes!!!

me: I know!

how much does it cost?

Jennifer: I don’t know yet…

I’ll let you know

1.99 per episode

me: oohhhhhh….

Jennifer: or…holy shit 10.99 for the season!


me: oh, geez


Jennifer: yeah!

I was expecting 60ish…..

but no!

me: right on!

We will certainly buy it. And watch it on our laptops. And probably buy it again when it comes out on actual DVD and watch it on our 13-inch-screen-tv, and maybe someday on something bigger.

I’m left with a lingering discomfort, though: seeing Ira Glass (rather than listening to him) freaks me out tremendously.


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