Back in Dry Country

I just had the most intense week of metadata and imaging immersion.  I had a great time, and I have a long list of ideas and strategies to apply to work.  It’s probably been the single most important week to my professional development so far.  I know it’s easy to feel overly enthusiastic after certain professional development experiences, but seriously: I had access to some of the best minds in my field, including the sage-like instructors and my own just-starting-out peers.

Some things I want to do:

  • Start focusing more heavily on metadata standards
  • Work on cleaning up some of our legacy metadata (which will involve some metadata acrobatics, especially in our fields for “location” and “repository,” which will need to be combined).
  • Become very, very familiar with the Getty Vocabularies.
  • Start doing more automatic image correction in SilverFast, rather than working so much in Photoshop
  • Explore metadata sharing.  This could be huge.  HUGE.
  • Start looking into working with LIS students to improve our catalog
  • Consider the possibilities of implementing user-created tags in our catalog (will this work? What is the critical mass needed to support useful tags?)
  • Look into consortial licensing of images with other collections in the region (if they can do this with database subscriptions, why are we not doing it with images?)
  • Figure out something OAIster-like that could be used to harvest and disseminate metadata.

So, yeah, I think I have a busy week ahead of me.  But I’m feeling really good about what I do, and what I can do.

Indiana is humid.  It wasn’t too hot, though.  I ended up getting pretty sick towards the end of the week, and had a moderately humiliating ride to an emergency clinic with the two ultimate sages in the field.  I’m okay now.  I guess it’s one form of accidental networking — not the form I would prefer.

Do any of you know someone who needs a roommate for 9-12 months starting in September?  I’ve mentioned before that my sister is leaving.  I really like our two-bedroom apartment, but I can’t afford it by myself.  It’s a cute place, well-located and cheap for two people.  Unfortunately, dogs aren’t allowed, and while cats are, it seems a little small for two people and an animal.  Let me know if you know someone who might be interested, and I can e-mail you with more details.


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  1. christophermgomez

    I don’t know if I’d ever visit you again if a cat started living in your domicile. 🙂

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