The Apprentice: Library Style

Ooooh… My friend Lacey linked me to a little jewel today. It’s a Google Book called An Apprentice Course for Small Libraries, which was originally published in 1917 by the faculty of the library school at the University of Wisconsin. It provides a sample test to be given before hiring a library apprentice, and points out that it is much easier to hire someone than to fire them (so wise). My favorite parts were these:

shelves in disarray
(shelves in disarray)


librarian’s handwriting
(librarian’s hand — I would have failed if this were a requirement in my program. Just ask my elementary school teachers)


good advice

(good advice: “It is a good plan to memorize poems or parts of poems constantly, so that they will be permanently one’s own.”)


I think this is probably better than my technique of purchasing the books that contain the poems. And toting them around town every time I move. I wish they would have used Porphyria’s Lover, though. It’s one of the most haunting poems I’ve ever read, and I think about it once in a while as my hair gets longer…



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