Finland is my Favorite Country

I’ve only visited Helsinki, so maybe it’s like judging a book by its cover or having a crush on someone you’ve only talked to briefly, but I really and truly loved Finland. For some right and some wrong reasons.

The reasons: the pride the Finnish people take in being multilingual; its closeness to Russia, Sweden, Estonia, and the Arctic; the big market on the docks; fresh fish; finding a 10 Euro note in a parking lot with no one around to ask if they’d dropped it; the rain-like shower head, nice rooms, and sauna in the hostel; the freshness of the air; the fabulous contemporary art museum, Kiasma; the northern-ness; the really, really long days in the summer; the exhibition of coats (below) and various other human artifacts; the contrast to the hostel I stayed at in Tallinn; putting down my guard and letting the rain fall on my face — there was no avoiding getting wet, and eyebrows and eyelashes serve a purpose in these situations.


How cool is it that in this map from Strange Maps it says that Colorado (my state) has approximately the same GNP as Finland? It’s almost like I live there. Only without many of those reasons for liking Finland. Anyway…

If you were almost 26 with a good job and some money saved, would you save for a few more years to a.) buy a house, or b.) buy a round-the-world ticket and take a 6-month to 1-year trip?

Just discovered this site: I am in love with the social web.



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3 responses to “Finland is my Favorite Country

  1. Jenny

    Sooooo… Pretty soon here, I’ll have lots of vacation, a decent amount of money, and a dear friend in Helsinki. Do I sense a girlfriend getaway?

  2. Do you think she’s forgiven me for not immediately returning the sweatshirt she left in my car on your wedding night? It was probably the most prompt I’ve been about returning anything, ever (I mailed it to her within a week), but I sensed disappointment. Haha. I think it would be marvelously fun, but we should really try to go in the summer (the long day thing, as opposed to 23 hours or so of darkness every day)…

  3. melissa

    What a fun post! I love the question you pose, and I’m hoping you’ll answer it for us sometime…

    I’m sort of torn. While some of my best memories have been compiled during trips and vacations, I think the happiness associated with owning my own hardwood floors and having a private barbecuing patio and getting a dog would be more enduring. How about this? I’d buy a house and take a SHORTER trip – to Italy, for wine and pasta!

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