By the time this posts tomorrow night, I should have been awarded my master’s degree in library and information science. Well, ceremonially, at least — the diploma should arrive in four to six weeks. Exciting.

I have to say that master’s gowns are pretty ridiculous:

the gown

My arm will come out of that little sleeve, and then there’s this pocket thing that hangs down to just below my knee. My friend Katy suggests I carry a book in there. Apparently someone who rented the gown before me thought he/she would carry a lit cigarette in the pocket — there’s a definite cigarette burn in the fabric. And then there’s the hood, which is supposed to attach to a button on your shirt or blouse so that it doesn’t strangle you. In all capitals, the instructions state: “DO NOT CONNECT HOOD TO THE GOWN”. I think it’s sexist — most women don’t have buttons on blouses or shirts because we wear dresses. I’m pinning the hood to the damn gown — I’m sure it will do less damage than a cigarette in the sleeve.

Apart from the gown ridiculousness, I’m actually really excited about this weekend — my parents will be up for two nights, and we have some fun stuff planned. This is much better than my undergrad graduation — I took a quarter off and finished school in November, but they don’t have a ceremony fall or winter quarter, so I ended up walking in June, a year after the rest of my class… The highlight of that rite of passage actually came a few weeks after I finished the degree. I got the mail on my way out of my building, and opened it in my car while sitting at a stoplight on 13th Ave. I opened the big “Do Not Bend” envelope, and took out the diploma. Some random guy was walking by, saw what it was, and gave me two thumbs up. Definitely better than the “oh-my-god- is-it-over-yet-no-but-we-still-better-clap-for-everyone-because-this-is- important” sea of mild applause I got in the actual ceremony.


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  1. Dearie,

    A belated congrats to you. I feel envious and vicarious and all those things. I feel like, when I read your blog, I can both completely relate to, delve into, and buy into everything you’re saying, but at the same time, I feel like I have completely streamlined my life into not caring about some of the lovely and good things in life such as good books, design, politics, food, or whatever else you talk about.

    I feel that sometimes I just grope blindly about, moving through day to day, trying to survive with my little toddler. It’s both an entirely different existence from yours and somehow still the same. (I dunno, perhaps I’m full of $hit) In any event, I remind myself that everyone has a finite amount of passion and energy and has to use that in one, maybe two directions at any given time. So, maybe someday I will delve into books and see firsthand these things that you do–like I vaguely remember doing as a teenager and 20-21 year old. I’ve never been an authentic intellectual, though, I’m too “intuitive”…I don’t put the necessary energy into learning and reading, even though teachers always thought I was so smart and had “potential”…well, I am also stubborn and self-defeating!


    Anyway, excuse my rant.

    Congratulations dearie, and I am excited that you are in the world. Happy Birthday!

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