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I was reading this disgusting and really sad article about pollution of a river in Indonesia, and came across something new. Apparently the French have big hydroelectric plants on an Indonesian river? Maybe I missed this day in school, but how does that work? I see how we rely on fuels from far-off places — they can be packaged and brought to us. But electricity from Indonesia in France? What do they do, create batteries? Jars of it? Are there big powerlines stretching across the Indian Ocean and half of Asia? I’m sure I sound really naive right now. If you know how this works, I’d love to hear about it…

PS — thanks for the comments lately!



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4 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. melissa

    It’s practicably impossible that electricity produced in Indonesia is actually being used in France. There’s no way to store it and transmitting it over that great a distance makes exactly zero sense economically. More likely, the power’s being used in surrounding areas, but the French (as they own the plants and probably much of the transmission system) get to charge for it. It’s a pretty ingenius racket, made all the more so because the utility industry in Indonesia probably isn’t regulated as it (sort of) is here in the U.S.

    That’s my somewhat educated guess, but hey, you’re the librarian; you tell us!

  2. Yeah, that makes a lot more sense. Sometimes I’m so gullible — my dad would be disappointed. Especially since it’s coming from a site called “treehugger.” Anyway. I did find this UN document regarding a partnership between France and Indonesia for sustainable hydro power…
    Sometimes (rarely) I wish I worked in a more conventional library — as it is, I spend my days with digital images and 35mm slides, few if any have anything to do with hydroelectric power in Indonesia (though our French collection is quite robust).

  3. melissa

    I was awakened at 4:30 a.m. this morning by a particularly strident garbage truck. As I lay there restless, I realized I had misspelled ingenious in my previous comment, and I spent the next half hour wondering why “genius,” gets an extra “o” with the addition of a prefix. I think this officially makes me a word nerd.

    Misspellings aside, I’m happy to have cleared up the confusion, and I thank you for enlightening me regarding the Indonesian power system.

    Have a fun day!

  4. Yeah, sometimes spelling doesn’t make sense. For the record, I hadn’t noticed. And I can change it for you, but then everything else won’t make sense. Actually, this whole post made me feel pretty stupid (almost as stupid as being put on the spot, getting nervous, and not being able to multiply in a meeting today), and I considered deleting it, but then thought better of it. I know you can spell. Everyone else: the girl can spell. And for the record, I got the highest grade in the calculus class I took at the college when I was still in high school. I was just having a bad day.

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