More Miranda

The obsession with Miranda July continues. Sometimes people Google silly things and end up at my site. Sometimes, especially when I’m procrastinating, I re-Google the search strings and see how they found me. Or my blog. Anyway, if you Google “Zaha Hadid flatware” (without quotes) I am presently the first hit. That’s right — #1.

But this one is good: If you Google “Miranda July favorite music” (again, without the quotes), I’m #3. The first hit is very, very cool, though, and makes me happy. It’s all a matter of perspective, right? And overproducing orange trees. I’ll leave you with this question: Are you the favorite person of anybody? And with this video:




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3 responses to “More Miranda

  1. Lacey

    The best part about it was the prius in the background! Is it bad that I just watched it on the ref desk? I love Miranda July, and I saw in your recent acquisitions her book, which I am going to have to check out, NOW that I am free at least for a few weeks!

  2. Stacy

    I’m delurking. I also love John C. Reilly. The internet is a strange mistress.

  3. Stacy

    P.S. I hope you get some earrings. Congratulations.

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