Flatware by Zaha Hadid

I want to have an “I’m Single for the Forseeable Future” shower.  This will be the first thing on my registry:

Hadid Flatware


Can you believe Zaha Hadid, of architectural fame and fabulousness, has graced the world with her flatware designs?  For more info, visit the New York Times and Unica Home…  discovered via Apartment Therapy.



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7 responses to “Flatware by Zaha Hadid

  1. Kris

    Carrie did this on a Sex and the City episode. She thought it was silly to always be going to bridal and baby showers when there was nothing for the singletons who weren’t expecting. Of course, she registered at Manolo Blahnik. I think it’s a great idea myself…

  2. melissa

    I was recently internet-prowling for something like a messenger tote, when I stumbled on Reload Baggage. I fell immediately and deeply in love, and am now desperately attempting to justify spending upwards of $100 on a bag.

    With your penchant for design, I thought you would identify…or maybe share in my irrational infatuation?

  3. I had a little love affair with Reload Baggage, too — the price was a little steep, and I kept telling myself, “maybe after I get a real job,” “maybe after I get my tax refund,” “maybe after I graduate,” and so on. I ended up finding a bag I liked — on sale, even — at the EMS store in Manhattan.
    Honestly, the customizability of the Reload bags was a little daunting — I function better when my choices are limited, I think. It’s weird — if you want an accessory to encompass who you are (or think you are), you’d think that customizability would be preferred. But in the end, I (and lots of other people) want to find the perfect, fitting thing that someone else thought of. Same with greeting cards.

  4. melissa

    Thanks for pointing me to my new bag! I found the Clive – Audrey on clearance at REI and I love it, especially the little bird on the back. From now on, I’m coming to you for all my shopping needs. : )

  5. I’m so printing this out and putting on the fridge so a few of my friends can see. You probably shouldn’t rely on me for fashion purposes — there are people out there who think I need to wear more color (I say black is the presence of all color if we’re talking subtractively). Glad you love the bag! The magnet is surprisingly strong, don’t you think? Sticks to select barstools…

  6. I don’t understand why so many women go crazy for Manolos.

  7. Zaha Hadid continues her copying of Colani biodesigns. Luigi Colani designed remarably similar flatware for Tachkichi, Japan in 1984:


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