Eating at Home: Week 1.5 of 4 (in which I hardly eat at home)

So…  Eating out isn’t just a bad habit.  It’s social.  It’s been really hard to avoid this week.  Last night Christopher helped me with some invitations, and I took him out to Brothers BBQ to thank him.  He likes the ribs, I like the vinegar sauce and the availability of gluten- and lactose-free food without ordering something lame like a burger sans cheese and bun, and we both enjoy the view — what a manly establishment.  Today I had a morning meeting with some people at the Denver Public Library and my practicum advisor, and we went to Mad Greens afterward — I suppose I could have packed a lunch, but I didn’t.  Tomorrow I have another meeting, which will involve another trip to Mad Greens (which makes the best salads ever, by the way).  Monday night I have a group meeting at a bar (certainly a good way to get things done, right?), which was chosen because of the availability of good food, apparently.

Eating (and drinking) out can be such an important social activity.  On Saturday I met up with my friend at cerebrations, and I imposed my rule upon her (sorry about that).  We ended up going shopping and then having an awkward conversation in the middle of Cherry Creek Mall, when we could have met somewhere like the Tea Box and felt more comfortable.  She was sweet to put up with my request not to eat or drink out, but it probably wasn’t our best time out, if only because mallgoers (blessed citizens that they are) were constantly passing by.

It isn’t all in vain, this thing about not dining out.  I’m realizing that there’s a difference between eating out for nourishment and eating out for social reasons.  I like that I’m pushing myself to see this in a new light, and I like that I’m not buying lunch and dinner on most days.  The next step would be to learn to cook well enough and keep my apartment clean enough to have people over in lieu of going out, but that will have to be another month.  For now, I’m revising my plan a little bit:  I won’t avoid eating out altogether.  I will avoid eating out alone, and I’ll suggest other activities in place of eating out with others.


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