Mountains, Beets

Sunday I hiked on a little hangover. One of my classmates came up with the fabulous idea to climb Mt. Bierstadt this summer — it will be our first fourteener, and we’re doing it as a group of girls (no boys allowed — sorry, boys). Anyway, we thought maybe we should test ourselves a bit to see if this would be feasible. So she, my sister, and I did a loop just outside of Golden — Apex to Sluicebox to Pick’n’Sledge. It was really fun. I’m inspired to do this more often, and hoping to start going once a week or so. Here are a couple of pictures:


I zoomed in a little for this one so you could see the Denver skyline:


… I think I like going up more than I like going down. And I also think I’d like to take a couple of lone hikes at some point (I just kind of like walking alone).

And last night I cooked beets. I only recently discovered them. I would have to say that prior to about September I had only ever had them from a can — nasty. But now I cook them with their greens (which are much like chard — a little bitter, but hearty), and their rhubarb-y stalks. I’m not really sure what to pair them with, so I eat them on their own. It’s messy work, especially taking off the skin once they’ve been cooked:


But mmmmm… You sauté the greens and stalks with a little garlic, throw in the baked beets, and that’s it. They’re tasty:




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2 responses to “Mountains, Beets

  1. jennyt

    Yeah right…you made a bloody “mistake” and went and hid it in the hills above Denver!

    I cannot get over how funny that picture is!

  2. christophermgomez

    I must say that I prefer “going down” to “going up.”

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