One More Really Cool Thing

Friday night Jenny and I saw Regina Spektor at the Paramount, and she was incredible.  I think her experimental style works very, very well live.  The only minor annoyance of the show was this couple in front of us who were all over each other.  I asked Jenny, “Do you ever imagine them in 40 years, bitter and hating each other, but still together?” She said, “40 years?  I give them five weeks.”  It was mildly distracting, and reminded me a little bit of high school for some reason.  Regina was great.  She’s fun and funny and honest and kind of raw in a way I love.

I have a couple new favorites:  “Ghost of Corporate Future” (in which the Ghost himself says, “People are just people, that shouldn’t make you nervous……if you kiss somebody, then both of you’ll get practice.”  I just liked the humanity of that one for some reason.  Probably because the other distraction of the evening was the rumination on something stupid I’d done a few hours previously, and I kept trying to tell myself it was just a human thing to do.  And the other new favorite is “Hotel Song,” which she performed beautifully, a capella, with Jack Dishel of Only Son (who opened for her — a one-man show with the help of an iPod — pretty clever).

So…  Regina will never replace Tori, but her music reminds me of some of Tori’s more playful songs — “Mr. Zebra” comes to mind first.  It’s fun stuff — you should see her when she’s in town again.


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