More Cool Things

5.) I’ll start by quoting this great new blog:

We create our cities and towns and little dirt roads, and our cities and towns and little dirt roads create us.

The writer’s talking about the importance of ethical practices in the built world. Say it, sister. No, seriously — she’s my sister.

6.) I also stumbled (e-stumbled?) upon Mickey Smith’s work (via Apartment Therapy). As a librarian and art lover alike, I can really appreciate her view of serials… She takes these unusual photographs of bound periodicals, and then installs large prints of them:


Money, Installed

I think my favorite series on the site is the Bio Portfolio. (click the little boxes beneath the photo to see other works in the series).

7.) The aforementioned Apartment Therapy has been doing a “Smallest Coolest” competition for a while now, in which people send in photographs and floorplans of their small, cool apartments. Most are really spare, it seems, and I wonder where all of the stuff is. After viewing these, I was briefly inspired to weed some of my own book collection, but was saved by two things: I was blessed with a hand-me-down folding bookshelf from my friend at Anything but Mundane (who now has grown-up furniture), and I saw this Smallest Coolest apartment at Apartment Therapy:

Book Apt

Visit this website to appreciate the full fabulousness of this guy’s apartment! It makes me happy! Also, note that all of his furniture is from flea markets and “trash” — who says give- and throw-aways can’t be chic? It’s a little confusing that he’s showing two different apartments here (he’s lucky enough to have one in New York and one in Sydney), but both are cool, and make room for lots of books.

…even more to come…


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