Four Cool Things (and counting)

Several cool things:

1.) I passed comps!

2.) This article from the New York Times: Sharing Practical Truths, in Child-Size Measures, in which Lisa Belkin encourages parents to be truthful to their children (especially mothers to daughters) about the difficulties of achieving goals:

When we talk to our children about sex, about alcohol and drugs, or about the dangers of the Internet, we give them limitations and warnings. But when it comes to the subject of work, we tell them that they can be whatever they aspire to be; that they should aim high, work hard and dream big.

What we rarely do is tell them how hard some days are. Or that along the road, they might have to compromise, or detour, or backtrack. To warn them would be to discourage them. Or so our thinking goes.

3.) Tori Amos’s new album, American Doll Posse. She morphs into five different characters, including the “real” Tori to sing the 23 tracks included on the album. She’s just smart, talented, emotional, inspiring, and fun. I want to be her.


4.) A few songs off of Feist’s new album, The Reminder


including “My Moon, My Man,” “Sea Lion Woman,” and “I Feel it All.” was right in saying it’s more about sound than song — the lyrics tend not to be great, but it sounds nice. And there’s a place in the world for such music. The fast ones are way more fun than the slow ones, though… I kind of feel bad that I only paid $8 for it at Target. I also paid $8 for Bright Eyes’s Cassadaga a couple of weeks ago (also very good). I’m compelled to send them $5 each or something.

…to be continued… It’s bedtime.


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One response to “Four Cool Things (and counting)

  1. I am an M-I-L-F…don’t u 4-get!



    Uncle Hannah

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