Hooray, May!

This month I’m not eating out.  I’m making an exception for things that were planned in April, and I will have an occasional social coffee or tea (but I’ll suggest we make our own coffee or tea or dinner or whatever).  Why?  Health, money, and an eat-your-peas mentality that it will be good for me to restrain myself a bit and take care of myself by cooking for myself.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, just prepared by me.

I decided to make the social coffee/tea exception because I ran into an old friend at Stella’s tonight and it made my day…  I feel like I can have good conversations over a home-cooked meal just as well as a dining-out meal, but staying in all month would prevent such fortuitous runnings-in-to.  We’ll see how this goes — I vaguely remember trying it before and promptly failing…


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  1. Kris

    I’m doing the same thing – staying in rather than going out – except it’s because I want to save money to go on a fabulous trip next year (hopefully!). Maybe we can be each other’s support and have regular home-cooked meals together?

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